The Pride of Workmansip Awards Programme is a Rotary Vocational Service Project.


The objectives of the programme are:


  • to promote vocational service
  • to encourage pride of workmanship in all vocations
  • to provide employers an opportunity to recognise employees who display those qualities which are worthy of an award
  • to encourage favourable emplyer/employee relationships and a sense of community pride in inividual achievment
  • to provide an opportiunity for Rotary to be invlved in the community particularly the business community


On Monday 27 March we held our Pride of Workmansip awards Ceremony


Suzanne Donachie, Group Operatons manager from Sydney Cardiology introduced Mikal  Takita, a cardiac technician from Sydney Cardiolog.


Suzanne nominated Mikal because of her qualities as an employee, she said "Mikal is my go to person when I need something doing, she is always ready to help with wahtaever is assked of her even if it is outside her job description."


Clr Robyn Preston presented the award to Mikal on our behalf.


Well done Mikal, a very worthy recipiant.