Update from Papua New Guinea



March 2024


More supplies delivered to site for internal building.


February 2024


External walls are going up which is very exciting.  The completion date is getting closer!


January 2024


Works continue on the dental clinic.  The roof is currently being installed by local villagers.
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December 2023

Sponsorship banner has finally been hung on the partially constructed dental clinic in Korogu Village, PNG. Thanks to Paul Rapp for the sign and to Karo for taking it with her on her trek.
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November 2023


Kenthurst Club member Karo, is currently on her way home from overseeing the latest building works being carried out on the Sepik River Dental Clinic in PNG. All supplies are transported to the location by canoe which is no mean feat.
Building of this clinic is the club's international project which will provide dental services to an estimated 100,000 people living inland and along the Sepik River.
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October 2023


Karo has been onsite in Korogu Village to take part in the initial stages of the building of the dental clinic.



Karo with villagers that are building the clinic

Supplies are delivered to the site by canoe


Bagging sand and stones for the piers

Bagging sand and stones for the piers

Village women preparing lunch for the workers


Preparing the ground for foundations

Foundations & piers ready for the floor to be built

August 2023


Spread Smiles in Papua New Guinea

The Sepik Dental Clinic in Korogu Village, PNG needs funding and the support of dentists from across the world to provide life-changing services.


Korogu Village is in a remote region with a subsistence economy, limited medical facilities and no access to dental services.  The clinic will serve an estimated 100,000 people living inland and along the Sepik River, and once established, will rely on volunteer dentists working in association with the project partner, NGO Project Sepik, to provide dental treatment and education on dental hygiene.


As the Clinic is due for completion next year, we invite you to follow the links below to learn more, donate funds or register to volunteer.


New GoFundMe Page:



Learn more and register through the Rotary Club of Kenthurst:



Donate now through Rotary Australia World Community Services:


April 2023

We received an on-site update earlier this week from Manu who is currently in Korogu. 


The felling of the timber and the milling is well underway now and we have current pictures to show off the work in progress. The site for the clinic is being cleared ready for construction to commence. We have a list of tools and materials that they require, and we are waiting for quotes so we can forward the money to purchase.



PNG Sepik Dental Clinic Project

Papua New Guinea

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Digicel Foundation was the local partner for the PNG Digicel Libraries project.  Karo Haltmeier was interviewed about her involvement and passion for the project.  You can view the TV clip from EM TV with the CEO of the Digicel Foundation via the link below:


Digicel TV story with Karo Haltmeier



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